Monday, April 11, 2011

Russian Man Gets Fooled Into Buying 128MB External Hard Drive In China

128 MB External Hard Drive
128MB external hard drive!? You gotta be kidding me!! Well, here’s the story.

A poor Russian bought a 500GB external hard drive from China for a “very, very low price.” He thought at first that it was a good deal, until he copied a 1.5GB movie to the drive. What’s the problem? Somehow only the last few minutes of the movie were being stored. So he took it to a local repair shop, and when the folks tore the disk apart, they found a small 128MB thumb drive running in a loop, emptying itself when storage is full. Incredible.

128 MB External Hard Drive
The Chinese engineers are smart. They use large metal nuts to obtain some authentic ‘weighting’ for the external hard drive, and these large nuts could also hold the 128MB flash drive firmly. And with the continuous loop feature, this external hard drive could provide infinite capacity…

128 MB External Hard Drive
Source: via TorrentFreak
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