Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Buy a Cheap 4-inch iPhone 5SE or iPhone 6c?

How to Buy a Cheap 4-inch iPhone 5SE or iPhone 6c?

Is Green market cheapest place to buy an iPhone 5SE or iPhone 6C? Maybe. If you want to buy new iPhone 5se or iPhone 6c via green market read please this post.

We know that green market is best place for scammers and fakers also. One year ago, we posted that some buyers leaked photos with iPhone 5S hardware in iPhone 6 body. Next time for new iPhone.

We want to tell you that after official iPhone 6c or iPhone 5se release date, some scammers will be release their iPhone version with new iPhone 5se body, but with iPhone 5s hardware. We post such post because every year we can see such situation. Don't buy new iPhone models from unknown green market, wait official release date.

Don't forget that Apple will be released their new iPhone in March with new features.
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