Saturday, March 26, 2016

iPhone SE in Canada. iPhone 5S into iPhone SE Body.

History of iPhone SE in Canada. iPhone 5S into iPhone SE Body. Again. iPhone SE (sometimes we know like iPhone 6SE or iPhone 5SE) Price in Canada started at C$579.00/16GB or C$709.00/64GB. It's official iPhone SE price in Canada, but sometimes people want to buy new products via green market. Price started at C$479.00/16GB. One of examples our friend from Québec City.

We know that Apple presented new iPhone SE with new hardware but same design like iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. Green market is the best place for clone of knock offs. One of examples our friend from Québec City. He bought !!! iPhone SE Space Gary. (25-th March !!!). After that when he opened their new iPhone, he saw that it's not iPhone SE, but strange iPhone. it's was iPhone 5S into iPhone SE Body.

If you are our reader, you may remember iPhone 6 history in China.

The retail unit will have a price tag within the of $ 400 for the modification of 16 GB, but for the amount of internal memory of 64 GB, will have to pay a hundred dollars more. iPhone SE will be available in gray, silver, golden color, as well as in the design of colors pink gold. The device boasts a high-quality aluminum body with rounded edges of the matte. Apple logo on the body of the gadget is made of stainless steel to match the color scheme of registration of the gadget.

This mean that cheaters can buy their clone like official iPhone SE. If you want to buy iPhone SE in Canada - we recommend you to buy iPhone only in Apple Store.
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