Apple iPhone 11 64GB Price

Apple iPhone 11 64GB is the cheapest model in the iPhone 11 line. On this page, you can see the most current prices for this model and compare it with the 10 most popular sellers. All prices are shown in the United States. You can order this model anywhere in the United States.

iPhone 11 64GB Model Retail Price:

iPhone 11 64GB ModeliPhone 11 64GB Price USA
Apple Store:$699
Best Buy:$699

iPhone 11 64GB Model Full Specifications:

  • Camera. The phone has a new dual-camera system with the ability to take pictures with an ultra-wide viewing angle, as well as a night mode that allows you to take great photos even in a room with poor lighting. Shooting 4K video at 60 frames per second.

  • A13 Bionic Processor. Fastest on the release date.

  • Battery. Working time up to 17 hours in video mode.

  • Display. The new Liquid Retina HD LCD display is 6.1 inches with the same brightness at all points of the screen.

  • Waterproof properties. The phone can be submerged under water up to two meters, for no more than 30 minutes. Also, it will not be damaged by spilled tea, coffee or juice.

  • The case is made of strong glass and reliable aluminum, which is used in aerospace production.

  • Dual SIM card support. Standard and eSIM.

  • Support the Qi standard for wireless charging.