Apple iPhone 11 Pro 256GB Price

Without a doubt, the iPhone 11 Pro 256GB is the best smartphone from Apple. In principle, you can understand the Pro console, it really has the most powerful processor, one of the best cameras on the market (and in terms of video, the best) and a very high-quality display.

Here you can see the most current prices for Apple iPhone 11 Pro 256GB and compare it with the 10 most popular sellers. All prices are shown in the United States. You can order this model anywhere in the United States. 

iPhone 11 Pro 256GB Model Retail Price:

iPhone 11 Pro 256GB ModeliPhone 11 Pro 256GB Price USA
Apple Store:$1149
Best Buy:$1149

A few words about the new iPhone 11 Pro 256GB:

Apple claims that the glass in the iPhone 11 Pro is the most durable of all smartphones. A special version of Gorilla Glass is used here. The company itself does not disclose any details other than the phrase "double ion exchange". But this phrase, in fact, does not explain anything. Since "double ion exchange" was used in the manufacture of glass for the iPhone 6s.

In fact, the glass of the iPhone 11 Pro is really stronger than other glasses, but the results of the drop test largely depend on the surface on which the iPhone falls. If it is flat and smooth, then the probability of a sad outcome is quite small. Moreover, the design of the back is not quite successful in terms of strength, since the entire surface, including the camera block — a solid piece of glass.