Apple iPhone SE 2 256GB Price

The new Apple iPhone SE 2 256GB is the most expensive version in this line. On the other hand, buying this new device, you get a large amount of free space for your photos, videos and recordings. A huge library can fit in this small new, but very modern device.
Here you can see the most current prices for iPhone SE 2 256GB and compare it with the 10 most popular sellers. All prices are shown in the United States. You can order this model anywhere in the United States. 

iPhone SE 2 256GB Model Retail Price:

iPhone SE 2 256GB ModeliPhone SE 2 256GB Price USA
Apple Store:$549
Best Buy:$549

A few words about the new iPhone SE 2 256GB:

There are many reasons why I decided to buy Apple iPhone SE 2 256GB. The main thing, of course, is the size. The small phone is comfortable in your hand, and you are not afraid to drop it. You can actively do something on the go and hold it with one hand, the thickness and weight also contribute to convenience. Touch ID, in my opinion, is much more convenient than Face ID.

No need to hold the phone to your face, picked it up and it works. In the car, without distracting from the road, you can turn it on, and most importantly, when you work at the computer, and you need to find out the password for two-factor authorization on the phone, just put your finger up and that's it. For me, this is just minus one extra movement each time you unlock your phone.