Apple iPhone SE 2 64GB Price

Apple iPhone SE 2 64GB (2020 model) generation has a traditional case shape with rounded corners and edges, large display frames, one of which has a round "Home"button. The front and back surfaces are covered with protective glass-it is glossy.

Here you can see the most current prices for iPhone SE 2 64GB and compare it with the 10 most popular sellers. All prices are shown in the United States. You can order this model anywhere in the United States. 

iPhone SE 2 64GB Model Retail Price:

iPhone SE 2 64GB ModeliPhone SE 2 64GB Price USA
Apple Store:$399
Best Buy:$399

A few words about the new iPhone:

The new iPhone SE turned out to be compact — just the size of the"eight". The display diagonal is 4.7 inches. It's smaller than all the latest Apple smartphones, and I think I missed the small gadget. I often hold my "tenth" with both hands. I immediately liked the light and thin iPhone SE, which fits comfortably in my hand.

Looks stylish. The back panel is glass, glossy. I think it is better to hide it immediately under the case — Apple's glass panels look very impressive, but they are easily scratched and lose their appearance. I got a model with a white back panel, there are also options in black and a spectacular red color. The frames returned to the front panel.

Another return is the Home button with Touch ID. It reacts quickly to touch and responds with a light pleasant vibration. The tactile signal can be set up the first time you turn it on. It works flawlessly, but after Face ID it was already unusual to return to it.